Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rich Visualforce Editor

Hi Guys, I started learning Force.com platform in November 2011, After few days I got frustrated with force.com eclipse IDE. Reasons we all know well, no auto complete, no context sensitive help, no versioning support,  no active development for this plugin.

Being a Java guy I decided to write a new eclipse plugin to fill this gape so started an open source project on github with name “Rich Visualforce Editor”. After some research and development & little hard work I released alpha version of that plugin, later I couldn’t keep this progress continue and released only one more update with couple of more features and bug fixes. But now I decided to start working on this again with some new features list.

My friend Abhinav Gupta, he motivated me to write this plugin for force.com community, I am very thankful of him. He published couple of posts on his blogs to introduce this plugin to force.com community, you can read following posts from his blog.